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Promotions - New Suzuki 2018 outboard engines

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1 picture

Promotions - New Suzuki 2018 outboard engines




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Ad details :   Promotions - New Suzuki 2018 outboard engines - Haute-Savoie

Promotions - Suzuki Outboard Engines

2018 models, new

other models available on request +

SUZUKI DF 60 ATL, euro 5'800SUZUKI DF 70 ATL, euro 6'300SUZUKI DF 100 BTL, euro 7'700SUZUKI DF 115 ATL, euro 8'000SUZUKI DF 115 ATX, euro 8'200SUZUKI DF 140 ATL, euro 9'100SUZUKI DF 140 ATX, euro 9'400SUZUKI DF 150 TX, euro 10'200SUZUKI DF 200 ATL, euro 12'600delivery throughout France, fast delivery time 7 to 10 days. dom-tom delivery, on request. complete engines with accessories: - control box with ignition key and emergency stop button - rev counter indicator with indicator lights - trim indicator - main beam 6.5m - propeller - owner's manual

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