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The Hurricane 5.9 is a large sport catamaran. From the same period as the Tornado, it is a little less extreme and more easily transportable. It was designed by Reg White in 1990.

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Hurricane 5.9 used
Hurricane 5.9 used
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Divers catamarans Autre marque for sale in Sucé-sur-Erdre

Divers catamarans Autre marque for sale in Sucé-sur-Erdre


Hurricane 5.9 presentation

Why the Hurricane 5.9?

Arrived in 1990, the Hurricane 5.9 is very close in spirit to the Tornado, an illustrious catamaran that was an Olympic supporter for a long time. However, it is very similar except for a few details that make all the difference.

Indeed, the Hurricane 5.9 is slightly shorter and slightly less wide! The Tornado has to be dismantled to be towed or transported, the Hurricane 5.9 is roadworthy. Easier to transport and set up, it was on easy-sailing before its time.

A large, fast and powerful catamaran:

The Hurricane was designed by Reg White, an Olympic-winning sailor who also developed the Tornado. Like him, it has a hull with pivoting daggerboards, a large sail area, a spinnaker and 2 trapezes.

Hurricane second hand market

Less developed than the larger Tornado (whose name is clearly related), they are mainly found in the UK. The Hurricane 5.9 can be found second hand between 2000 and 5000€ depending on condition.

Some figures of the Hurricane 5.9 catamaran :

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Reg White

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Used Hurricane 5.9 price table

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Divers catamarans Autre marque for sale in Sucé-sur-Erdre

-2000 2000€