Class A Exploder A15 from 2015

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Class A Exploder A15 from 2015




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Ad details :   Class A Exploder A15 from 2015 - Vendée

The sale includes the following items: 1- 1 Ashby sail in very good condition (sail 45 times in 2 years) + batten + sail bag 2- 1 Fiberboam mast 3- 1 mainsail halyard to hoist the sail 4- 1 carbon boom 5- 1 pair of carbon foil 6- 1 pair of carbon T-shaped rudder (asymmetrical) 7- 1 Exploder A15 platform in very good condition 8- 1 water-repellent protective cover for outdoor summer storage 9- 1 Mainsail hoists 10- 1 carbon stick repaired 11- 1 spare aluminium stick 12- 1 pair of bers 13- the mainsail cleat in the middle of the trampoline to facilitate navigation The platform is in very good condition. It does not take water (not even 1 sponge after 3 hours of sailing). It has been wintered dry for 2 years. No repairs during the 2 years I used it. I have the Class measurement certificates for the mast and the platform. For those who would like to sail on a classic Class A, the modification is feasible on my model at low cost. Modification of the daggerboard shaft and acquisition with delivery of a new pair of daggerboards from Exploder in Poland. The Exploder is a reliable boat, made in Poland and for which the parts are tracked. As an option I can also sell a "Big Wheel" launch.

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