Trampoline mesh pour Dart 18

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Trampoline mesh pour Dart 18

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Ad details :   Trampoline mesh pour Dart 18 - Haute-Savoie

New Forward Sailing mesh trampoline for DART 18:

Has your trampoline given up after years of loyal service? After sails, rudders, awnings and technical accessories, Forward Sailing offers you its new range of perfectly finished mesh trampolines at competitive prices. This key part of the catamaran deteriorates year after year between UV rays, the weight of the crew, and possible friction or shocks with equipment. Often expensive to replace, it remains an essential part for the good practice of the catamaran and contributes greatly to the rigidity of the platform.

Technical Info :

  • Trampoline in 3 parts identical to the original
  • Equipped with comfortable soft nylon webbing straps
  • Highly resistant Mesh Bainbridge fabric with anti-UV treatment allows stagnant water to pass over the trampoline.
  • Finished with dacron fabric reinforcement and high resistance 6 point zigzag seams, UV treated thread.
  • colour: black

PRICE: 279.99€.


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