REACHER / CODE 0 - 18.5 M2

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REACHER / CODE 0 - 18.5 M2

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Ad details :   REACHER / CODE 0 - 18.5 M2 - Haute-Savoie

GENAKER/REACHER of 18.5m2 for 18 foot sport catamaran (F18, Hobie 18 Formula, etc...) Forward Sailing adapts this super concept of sail widely used on the big catamarans for the 18 feet catamarans (but also the Virus Magnum or the Sun2000!) - More performance in light weather: allows to go upwind and to create its apparent wind for better gliding in less than 10 knots of wind - Practical and easy: ideally mounted with a furler, unfurls and rolls up instantly. No need for a bag on the trampoline - Versatile: can be used in light winds to go upwind and downwind in all conditions.

Key points

Luff: 8.20m Fall: 7.40m Border: 5.00m Stainless Steel Draille Nylon fabric 1.5 Oz 80g

PRICE: 699.99€.

Sail comes with bag and one year warranty


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