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A high performance, daggerboardless sport catamaran built in fibreglass. As a SL5.2 it is perfect for raiding and fast cruising with 2 or 3 crew members. A very large catamaran that offers an incomparable combination of ease and speed.

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Nacra 570 used
Nacra 570 used
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Nacra 570 Nacra for sale in La Trinité-sur-Mer

Nacra 570 Nacra for sale in La Trinité-sur-Mer


Nacra 570 presentation

The Nacra 570 is a rather atypical catamaran. Often the big catamarans over 18 feet offer complicated equipment, a lot of trimming, daggerboards. The Nacra 570 takes the opposite view, it is a fast, racy boat, long at the waterline, very fast but it remains very simple in design: easier to set up and maintenance that requires less attention.

This boat, which is aimed at experienced sailors, is fast, fun and very suitable for coastal raids. It is lively and powerful and its finned hulls allow safe sailing and smooth returns to shore.

Nacra 570 second hand market

This large, well-built boat retains its value well, it is not very common on the second hand market and is traded for around 7000€ second hand most of the time.

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Nacra 570 Nacra for sale in La Trinité-sur-Mer

Nacra1998 4000€