SL16 (Siren) d'occasion


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SL16 (Siren) d'occasion
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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


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Ad details :   SL16 (Siren) d'occasion - Var

Description : Formerly support for the young world championship, the SL16 is the ideal catamaran for crews looking for sensations, power and speed. Tailored for racing, its reliability, ease of use and adaptability also make it a boat for many crews, in all conditions, for family or club outings. It is a fun, safe and vitamin-rich support.

This is a boat with a long list of achievements: several international and national regattas, having been carefully maintained (the last maintenance work dates from a few weeks ago, and concerns the hulls and mast). The sails are in very good condition, and regularly checked in the sailmaker's shop.

Includes a mainsail with a new window, a jib checked several times, and a spinnaker.

Possibility to ask for an optional competition spinnaker (in excellent condition) whose cut and fabric are of excellent quality (he finished 4th in the French championship in 2017), despite a changed window because a little fragile.

Price (Negotiable): For the boat (platform + mast) and the sail set: 5 500 EUROS

For the competition spinnaker : 700 EUROS

Contact : Ugo Pichonneau

Telephone: 07 84 08 12 81

Mail: [ugo.pichonneau2001@gmail.com]

The boat is at the Six-Fours Yacht Club, I'd be happy to give it a try!

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