Catamaran "Ma Louloutte" by Yvan Bourgnon


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11 pictures

Catamaran "Ma Louloutte" by Yvan Bourgnon
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Ad details :   Catamaran "Ma Louloutte" by Yvan Bourgnon - Morbihan

Sale of catamaran Ma Louloutte 2015 : 38 000 euros

Description : Length : 21 feet Width: 4 meters (without wings) Width with wings: 5.8 metres Mast height: 11.5 metres Surface gv : 25 m2 Max spinnaker area: 45m2 Gennaker area: 17m2 Jib surface: 8.5 m2 Weight: 450 kg Color: white

Architects: Project Engineer : Yvan Bourgnon Hull design: Sebastien Schmitt (Swiss) Hull structure: Nicolas Groleau, JPS yard manager Sail plan/position of beams/riggers/balance + Plan and structure of rudders and daggerboards: Sandrine Lescaudron de la Trinité sur Mer Design and structure of the beams: Christian Favre (Switzerland) Design and structure of the Mast: ADH inotech (manufacturer of Diam 24)

1/ Hulls : Built at the Shoreteam shipyard in Caen in 2015 Sampling: vacuum-packed glass/epoxy sandwich with 80kg Corcell foam with 900g outer skin and 600g inner skin and carbon reinforcements on bows, beam location, transom, chain plates. Structure: 2 transverse bulkheads under beams + 1 at the level of the goose paste as well as 2 structural stringers on the planks. White bicomponent epoxy paints with anti-slip on deck lewmar hoods to get inside Stickers on the hull that can be removed. Weight of finished hulls: 100kg

2/ Checkmate: Manufacturer : Compotech Type : Mast Diam 24 Waterproof Masthead + carbon spreaders Balon Hobie Cat at masthead AIS antenna + masthead flash light In carbon with a rhombus and 6mm monotoron cables

3/ Beams : Carbon. We took again beams which are for the M2 catas in Switzerland, of the 28 feet 2 times more cloth than Ma Louloutte and very light. No martingale on front beam (big advantage for not hitting the sea)

4/ Safrans 2015 : Drawing already validated and tested on mini-transat 6.50 Vacuum carbon/epoxy structure and red cedar core Shock lifter with fuse Vacuum carbon/epoxy rudder arms Connecting rod: Carbon tube Custom carbon rudder helmets

5/ Symmetrical 2-metre drifts (they are interchangeable) : Vacuum carbon/epoxy structure and red cedar core.

6/ Sails : Gv of 2015 : Carbon/polyester membrane with Taffeta on both sides / 3 reefs / reefed halyard / 6 battens / blue paint on the top of the sail 2015 jib: On furling system Carbon/polyester membrane with Taffeta on both sides 2014 Gennaker: Furling Carbon/Poyester Membrane Asymmetric spinnaker 2017: 45m2 Asymmetric spinnaker 2015: 35m2 Asymmetric spinnaker 2015: 30m2

7/ Fittings : Pulleys, jib and hp rails, trolleys, 2 sheet winches: Lewmar Hook of GV/Cunnigham Harken 2 Wafers + swivels for gennaker and jib: Profurl 1 reinforced mesh trampoline with 2 spinnaker leases from 2017

8/ Sleeping rigging " Cousin Trestec " : Textile shrouds 2017 Textile Prop 2017 Textile Goose Pate 2017 Goose paste textile spinnaker pole 2017

9/Current Rigging " Cousin Trestec " : 1 halyard of gv halyard 1 gennaker halyard 1 spinnaker halyard sheets from gv, gennaker, spinnaker, jib

10/ The custom wings (life pods): Construction with tubular structure: Autoclaved prepreg carbon tubes from Avant Garde in Italy Vacuum airex/carbon/epoxy platforms 2 blue waterproof fabrics with accordion thermal resistance

11/ Boom/boom/straightening bar : 3 Autoclaved prepreg carbon tubes from Avant Garde in Italy 2nd emergency carbon spinnaker pole with textile goose paste

12/ Buoyancy reserves : Foam of the boat corcell of 15mm on about 80m2 2 reserves of buoyancy of 100 litres each inflatable in the hulls 2 buoyancy reserves of 30 litres each inflatable in the hulls

13/ Electronics 2015 : Full A/Pilot Raymarine EVO 100 Raymarine P70 Control Panel (2017) ACU 100 calculator + compass 2 ST 4000 cylinders Rail + trolley to transmit orders on both edges B/ AIS transmitter C/ Flash Light mast head D/central solar panel carbon support rear beam + solar panel 100W 2017 + regulator E/ 2 flexible solar panels 100W each on wings + regulators 2017 F/ 2 batteries 75Ah Optima 2017

14/ Security : All the safety equipment required by Category B of navigation

New construction price for indication: 215,000 euros

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