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The Astus 18.2 is a transportable trimaran produced by Astus Boats. This 18 foot dayboat is dedicated to fast water sports and coastal day trips.

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Astus 18.2 used
Astus 18.2 used
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Astus 18.2 presentation

The Astus 18.2 is a trimaran that was produced by Astus Boats in 37 units. The boat is no longer produced but some trimarans can be found on the second hand market.

The boat is 6.10 m long and weighs only 380 kg. It is a boat that has important transport qualities. Light, quick to dismantle, easy to tow, it is a transportable dayboat par excellence.

Well covered and fast, the Astus 18.2 is the ideal boat for coastal day trips. The shallow, adjustable draft allows the boat to dock almost anywhere.

On the second hand market the Astus 18.2 is quite popular and is offered at prices from 6000 to 10000€ depending on condition and equipment.

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