Astus 18.2 Astus Boats for sale in Brest


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4 pictures

Astus 18.2 Astus Boats for sale in Brest
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Ad details :   Astus 18.2 Astus Boats for sale in Brest

Trimaran ASTUS 14.5 nomadic and ultra transportable (can be carried on the roof of your car like a windsurfer and rigged in a few minutes).

Lightweight, stable, safe and high-performance! The Astus 14.5 has been designed by the Astus shipyard in Brittany (with the VPLP architectural firm, which designs ocean-racing trimarans) to make it easy for everyone to enjoy three-hull sailing!

The central hull weighs just 20 kg and can be placed on the roof of the car by a single person. All the rigging and fittings are simple yet powerful, and you can be on the water in five minutes.

The boat is stable and versatile, making it ideal for family sailing with children, taking part in regattas, long tacks under spinnaker or, if the wind fails, paddling to keep the fun going! Its lightness and simplicity mean you'll be totally self-sufficient in both set-up and use.

It's equipped with a watertight box, so you can take your tent with you on board for short nautical excursions. It's child's play to take it up on the beach in the evening for a bivouac!

The Swiss Army knife of lightweight sailing! So much fun, you'll forget all about your bigger, dull and boring boats! Your kids will be asking for more!

New value: 10,000 euros

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