Diam 24 ADH Inotec for sale in La Forêt-Fouesnant


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Diam 24 ADH Inotec for sale in La Forêt-Fouesnant
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ADH Inotec
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Ad details :   Diam 24 ADH Inotec for sale in La Forêt-Fouesnant

**Former Bruno JOURDREN's boat, in excellent general condition. Launched in April 2015, this boat has sailed very preparation of the Tour de France and the Tour in 2015, 2 regattas in 2016 and since then, it has always been stored in a safe and dry dry. This boat has benefited from all upgrades (2015,2016,2022). Fully equipped for regatta in accordance with the rules. Sails: 2 sets , 1 non one design StarVoile GV, Foc Genak, 1 Set one design in good condition GV Eur 1517, Foc North 1517, Gennaker 1517

Options: Trailer, beach launching, roller bers, Taud, ... Please contact us for more information

Listing: 22035

N° CIN / N° HIN : FRADH00018A514 Prix € ht / Price € exvat : 21 000 € Prix € TTC / Price € vat : 25 200 €

The Diam 24 od is known as the first multihull sportboat, intended for regatta sailing and particularly for one-design racing. Adopted by the top level since its launch, it is appreciated by the "regatta owner", of all ages. It is also very pleasant as a family day boat. It proves to be coveted by young people during their training. Its lack of headroom, its easy speed and its safety make it the perfect support for the discovery of modern sailing without apprehension.

Strong sensations to stimulate perseverance, in search of the pleasure of speed!

**Diam 24 one complete design

1 Central Hull with its launch, its daggerboard and its cover, its trampolines 2 Floats and its 4 foam bers 1 Front arm & 1 back arm 1 Carbon mast, its rigging, its halyards and the boom, mast tripods Steering system: 2 rudders with cover, 1 linkage bar and 2 sticks 3 sails: 1 Mainsail 3DI & carbon battens, 1 Jib 3DI, 1 genak in menbrane 1 Electric motor, battery, charger 2 Dpoufs

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