Jumper 5.50 Super, Micro standard, Cruiser class

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Jumper 5.50 Super, Micro standard, Cruiser class




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Ad details :   Jumper 5.50 Super, Micro standard, Cruiser class - Savoie

Job-site : Mawamed, Poland. L : 5.50 m l : 2,45 m Gauge weight: 562 kg (560 kg mini / micro cruiser). Keel 130 kg + interior ballast.

Very good condition, maintained, optimized, always stored dry.

Equipment :

  • Original AG+ D65 mast. Standing rigging : Lower shrouds: 2016. Dy-form shrouds and forestay : 2018. Spreader bars: 2019
  • Automatic double booms
  • All Harken 2016 hardware.
  • Halyards / sheets Dynema 2017.
  • 3 sets of sails, all with Micro gauge (gauge pads) : 1 set cruising Apollo Sails 2008 in good condition (mainsail and jib Dacron Square). 1 set All Purpose 2010 regatta sails in good condition (GV with Dacron horn) and average condition (Foc Mylar). 1 set regatta 2017 Technique Voile in very good condition (mainsail with Dacron horn, jib Mylar). 3 spis : 1 Ocean Sails 0,5 Oz (good condition), 1 All Purpose (good condition), 1 Technical Sailing 2018 0,5 Oz (very good condition) 1 unmarked Dacron jib built by Nicolas Pierrot, in good condition. 1 storm jib
  • Lead keel 130 kg, surfaced 2018, treated with epoxy resin (6 coats).
  • Original rudder blade + Mawamed rudder 2017

With its road trailer: Sunway 1300 kg very good condition. Many new parts, brakes overhauled 2017, brakes adjusted 2019.


  • 1st national classification of habitable dwelling (inland waterways) 2017, 2nd in 2016, 7th in 2018 (stop of navigation in July, health cause)
  • 4th French Championship 2018 Lac du Der, 6th in 2017 Thonon, with a family crew.
  • 4th national Vassivières 2018, 1st Micro Cruiser.
  • 5th Micro Cruiser World Championship 2017 Annecy, with a family crew.

Since November 2015, 28 victories, 13 2nd place, 4 3rd place = 45 podiums / 56 regattas.

The boat participated in the Micro World Championship 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. It was weighed (562 kg) and measured at the 2017 world championship in Annecy (including the righting test, which it passed with the keel half raised with ease).

Group HN 8, class A.

The boat is ready to race. It offers a performance / safety / habitability ratio unbeatable in the category. It is a boat for racing, but it is possible to do coastal camping on board, with children: it is a real family boat.

Traffic card Aff. Mar. in good standing.

Micro gauge safety equipment.

The price is firm. 1st contact by mail / SMS.

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