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The Open 5.70 is a sportboat designed by the Finot group and produced by the Phileas shipyards. Little brother of the Open 6.50, it is an accessible version of the latter. Both sporty and financially. It is a gliding dayboat with a wide hull, the Open 5.70 is the boat which allows to discover sailing on keelboat with a crew.

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Open 5.70 used
Open 5.70 used
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Open 5.70 presentation

Open 5.70, the accessible sea sledge

A wide and planing hull with water inlets that are nevertheless quite thin make this family sportboat very lively. The generous sail area of the Open 5.70 ensures good performance both upwind and downwind and the width of the cockpit (2.55m) allows for a lot of abseiling torque while allowing a crew of 3 to 4 people to be very comfortable.

Sailing an Open 5.70

he activity of the Open 5.70 is intense: at the same time a dynamic class offering a dense regatta calendar. The boat from the Phileas yard is also the boat of the youngest classes of the FFV.

New price of the Open 5.70

The Open 5.70 now built by Hobie Cat can be purchased for 25000€.

Second-hand market for Open 5.70 keelboat

As the Open 5.70 series has been a great success, the second-hand market is starting to be quite full and you can find one of these small sledges starting at 6000 euros.

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Used Open 5.70 price table

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