Captain, would you be so kind as to offer me a beer ?

Le Capitaine de Wanaboat

Wanaboat is not Google or Ebay, it's a passionate project, made to help seamen. It is free for users but there are some costs to run it and I spend a lot of time on it to make the site efficient, pleasant and safe.

Running the machine costs about 100 Dollars per month (server + email system mainly). I pay out of my own pocket... minus your donations. I therefore ask you to help me to share the bill if you wish and according to your financial possibilities.

Your donation will be used for :

  • pay the charges (hosting & email routing)
  • improve and perpetuate the service... and have a drink sometimes
  • Keeping a site free of advertising and personnal data sales
  • ...and have a drink sometimes


1 beer for me 🍺

NaN% of the value


1 bière for me and my girl 🍻

NaN% of the value


a round for me and my mates 🍻 🍻

NaN% of the value


A new beer tap for the clubhouse 🍻 🍻 🍻

NaN% of the value