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iWannaboat, new crossing and heading for 2020

We are very pleased to announce that iWannaboat is back on the water with a new version!

For 12 years now, iWannaboat has been welcoming advertisements for all your nautical equipment, boats, sails, trailers, fittings and equipment. More than a decade during which the internet has evolved, so has the way we use it. Before switching over to 2020, iWannaboat had to either bow out or take a new tack to better adapt to these uses. The previous version did you a great and proud service. The iWannaboat, which has been humming since 2012, was a magnificent technological object, perfected, efficient, offering advanced and very advanced possibilities. It was also difficult to make it evolve and required all the talent and expertise of Emilien who had designed and maintained this technological nautical jewel.

Rather than closing down the service, which still had its followers, iWannaboat underwent a major simplification so that it could continue to exist.

iWannaboat 2020, efficiency, simplicity...

The new Wanaboat launched on Thursday 21 November is equipped with an interface that adapts to the mobile phone. In principle more intuitive and quicker to use. It was also necessary to separate many features, no more alerts, the messaging goes through your emails directly and the statistics of your ads have been paused. But in principle, a faster site and will be better referenced. Your ads should quickly regain visibility.

There will necessarily be a lot of finishing touches and adjustments to be made on this new version, which is still at the prototype stage. Thus, you have the floor at any time to blow ideas or remarks.

Remarks & questions

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about these changes and the form the service will take in the coming months, they are welcome at vhf@wanaboat.fr.

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