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One Design Sails is a sailmaker specialized in the realization of sails for the sport catamaran mainly and custom sails.

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One Design Sails used
One Design Sails used

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Formule 18 sails for sale in Marseille

Formule 18 sails for sale in Marseille


One Design Sails presentation

One Design Sail is a Hungarian sailing brand located on the shores of Lake Balaton, 100km from Budapest.

This sailmaker is specialized in sport catamaran sails. In their catalog you can find sail sets for F18, A-Class, Tornado, F16, F20 or Flying Phantom. Infidelity to the sport catamaran, One Design Sail also offers Moth sails. Let's say that this sailmaker offers sails for everything that goes fast! These are high performance sails for racers.


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Formule 18 sails for sale in Marseille

One Design Sails2000 2250€