41 pieds full carbon catamaran

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5 pictures

41 pieds full carbon catamaran

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Ad details :   41 pieds full carbon catamaran - Aube

Bonjour, Sorry for the english We will sell our catamaran after sponsor agreement. The catamaran are 12,48 meter long + bowspirit, 7,06 meter beam + 2 meter, mast are 21 meter height ( with rod ), max. draft 1,8 meter. We buy new C centerboards and build. This moment you can use with normal or C centerboard. The sails : GV and fock are 3DL, code 0 and genakker. The GV top side no good, but we renew before sale. Outboard motor Mariner 3,67KW, 2 stroke. The minimum crew 3 people, maximum 12 people. The catamaran and all part's are carbon, build year 2012.

This ad is no longer current? The property is sold and you know it? Let us know,we'll investigate. vhf@iwannaboat.com Thank you! Objective: 100% valid ads, help us!