Double trailer Mersea 190/300 with TBE box - 1 500 € in Nantes

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Double trailer Mersea 190/300 with TBE box - 1 500 € in Nantes




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Ad details :   Double trailer Mersea 190/300 with TBE box - 1 500 € in Nantes - Loire-Atlantique

I sell a WestMersea 190/300 double trailer of the "Regatta" type, with a large storage box below. That's the model: https://www.merseatrailers.com/fr/store/190-275-Regatta-trailer-2-boats-13-wheels-p154499497.

It is advertised for a maximum length of 275, but I measured a little over 300 on the bottom floor between the roller and the front bracket. It is equipped with 13-inch wheels (including a spare at the front of the body) and is in very good condition. The storage box is in galvanized steel and opens through two small vertical hinged openings at the front, a large opening at the top (removable plate for easy access if ever a boat is already loaded) and a horizontal hinged opening over the whole width at the rear. The trailer can even be transformed into a triple trailer if needed, by removing the box and adding a roller (this is a modified triple trailer base to have the box on the bottom floor).

I bought it in England this summer, but it is clearly too heavy for my use and I have found a more suitable model since then. It's ideal if you don't need to handle it by hand in a garden (on asphalt, no problem, on grass, it's already more complicated once loaded...).

The trailer is in very good condition, with just a few of the usual corrosion points on some "U" fasteners, the jockey wheel and the galva plates, but it's really light and I took advantage of the holidays to go to the WD40 all the places that deserved it.

The trailer can be seen in the Bay of Morlaix until August 23rd and in Nantes afterwards. Many detail photos are available on request. The new value is 2 500 €, I wish 1 500 €.

First contact via Wanaboat messaging, but very easy phone or email exchange afterwards.

This ad is no longer current? The property is sold and you know it? Let us know,we'll investigate. vhf@iwannaboat.com Thank you! Objective: 100% valid ads, help us!