420 Autre marque for sale in Saujon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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420 Autre marque for sale in Saujon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France




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Ad details :   420 Autre marque for sale in Saujon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France - Charente-Maritime

This light dinghies with round chines built in wood at the beginning of the 60's is equipped with an aluminium mast of 5.15m for a hull length of 3.90m, propelled by a 6' nylon sail. m², battened and a 2.2 m² jib, it has a behaviour close to that of the famous 420. the hull was completely repainted in 1980, and reinforced with a resin special low density to ensure its protection without damaging the performance, its paint has no cracks. The varnished deck and the painted interior could be refreshed. Prior to 1980, it was stored under shelter outdoors. Below deck a locker closed by a hatch. allows the storage of sails, battens, rudder, tiller, bailer, a grappling hook with its rope, small spare accessories and 4 jackets (2 adults and 2 children) in perfect condition, all part of the supply. The two stainless steel cable mast props have 2 or 3 broken strands, they could be replaced. The boat has been stored in a garage closed since 1980 until 2015 and then outside until today, it has not been used for shows no signs of deterioration, all anchor points, the well of the mast, rudder and tiller attachment, daggerboard well are in perfect condition. state. Since 1980, it has been protected by a hovel, which would have to be reviewed today. It is installed on a road transport trailer branded satellite, equipped with a joker wheel to facilitate hooking manoeuvres, the trailer is included in the supply.

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