420 Boatique to sell in 4 Rue de Paris, 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France

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5 pictures

420 Boatique to sell in 4 Rue de Paris, 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France

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Ad details :   420 Boatique to sell in 4 Rue de Paris, 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France - Val-de-Marne

420 Boatic all polyester (nothing to do with the old Lanaverre), very low maintenance . bulkhead/casing at the front daggerboard and rudder competition, epoxy Rondar wood, rigid and solid box/seats (not like like the Nautivela, too light). Aluminium mast proctor Kappa, boom Holt Allen GV russo Good condition, jib Boatique TBE. Healthy hull structure, some unavoidable bumps and shocks but without but without consequence and in the process of being repaired. Boat undergoing revision: for sale all the work of polyester / gelcoat / fittings / fitting out will be done (by mid-February 2022) in order to be directly usable without worrying, which which does not prevent to come and see her before. Boat sold for 1200€. Has been used in fresh water in the Paris area, first in regatta, then in leisure club / sport school in a not very intensive way.

Ideal boat for leisure sailing or small regatta with the purchase of a spinnaker a spinnaker (the mast is pre-equipped) and a spinnaker pole.

Fully galvanized Nautilus road trailer, completely overhauled all distances (I have done 1500Km since changing the bearings without any trouble);

New bearings, worn 1/2 tires, new spare wheel, new mudguards . Removable polyester cradle (from a Laser mizalo) . expandable/adjustable for larger boat with breakable drawbar . can be adapted with box (luggage) rail (bike carrier) or long skids (Jet-ski carrier) by a good . can be adapted by a good handyman as a gigogne trailer with an adaptation of the polyester cradle and a small and a small auxiliary frame. Sold separately 350€ negotiable. No light plate (costs 50€ at Norauto or equivalent)

Visible in Paris or Ris-Orangis more info on request Available for free in Ile de France or on some regattas of the Laser circuit and against payment of gasoline tolls beyond 50 km around Paris. More photos on request, an information does not cost nothing. Tel 0782422788 mail; ggluck@free.fr

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