470 Beneteau for sale in Sarzeau, Bretagne, France

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5 pictures

470 Beneteau for sale in Sarzeau, Bretagne, France





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Ad details :   470 Beneteau for sale in Sarzeau, Bretagne, France - Morbihan

Light dinghy 4.40 m Wizz Beneteau completely renovated and modified. 70 kg

Daggerboard well redone - rudder support changed for a functional and light rudder - creation of the bowsprit with asymmetrical spinnaker swallower - rigging changed for 4.70 rig and sails. Furling jib furler.

All the drawbacks of the Wizz (daggerboard well, daggerboard, defective rudder support, mounting of the mast and boom on each boat) are thus removed and we have a dinghy lighter than a 4.70 (which weighs 120 kg) but with an equivalent and even higher sail area by adding the asymmetric spinnaker, it will be the blue spinnaker. The boat is stable and can be sailed alone, with 2 or 3 people. Trapezes.

The modified launch with small wheels at the front allows the boat to be handled alone on the beach without having to lift it.

Road trailer (plus 300 euros).

Boat registration. It's regulation, it allows to insure it, .... and it gives the right to put 2 lockers !

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