470 parts to sell in Carnac, Bretagne, France


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470 parts to sell in Carnac, Bretagne, France
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Ad details :   470 parts to sell in Carnac, Bretagne, France - Morbihan

Ronstant stopper quantity :2 price :2 euros

BDF extension cord quantity:2 price:5 euros

Boom T-bridge quantity:4 price:5 euros

Pair of BDF 33cm quantity:1 price:15 euros

Pair of BDF 37cm quantity:1 price:18 euros

Starboard selden spreader L:45cm:9euros

Superspar masthead quantity:1 price:8 euros

Selden boom end quantity:1 price:8 euros

Various sheaves

diameter 8/37 h:8mm quantity:4 price:2 euros

diameter 10/30 h:10mm quantity:3 price:2 euros

diameter 6/29 h:15mm quantity:2 price:2 euros

diameter 4/25 h:6mm quantity:2 price:2 euros

Plastimo hull pass ø18mm between axis 45mm quantity:2 price:2 euros

Holt trolley without ball quantity:1 price:4 euros

Piston trolley quantity:1 price:4 euros

Clamcleat CL211MK2 between axis 28mm L:27mm quantity:6 price:5 euros

Clamcleat CL222 between axis 37mm L:48mm quantity:2 price:6 euros

Clamcleat CL203 between axis 67mm L82mm quantity:1 price:7 euros

Whistle stop quantity:2 price:2euros

Stainless steel ring quantity:1 price:2euros

Non-complete turret quantity:1 price:10 euros

Femelot seasure quantity: 3 price:7euros

Trapeze spoon quantity :4 price :4euros

Mast projection :25euros

Trapdoor quantity 2 price :5euros

Support tactick and watch :15euros

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