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The Cinquo, five-o, or 5o5, is a magnificent dinghy. It is the king for its enthusiasts, and is definitely in the big league of light sailing. It is a very elegant, innovative and fast 5.05m dinghy with 2 crew and a trapeze. It is a superb boat for regattas at sea as well as in closed waters. It is a technical and expensive boat for which you can find good deals on the second hand market.

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505 used
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505 Rondar to sell in Croisée d'Anthy, 74200 Anthy-sur-Léman, France

505 Rondar to sell in Croisée d'Anthy, 74200 Anthy-sur-Léman, France


to sell cinquo cinq

to sell cinquo cinq


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Cinquo, the king of dinghies?

The Cinquo has been innovative since its creation in 1953 designed by John Westell with the appearance of the trapeze, the hull deflectors, the spinnaker (a first on a dinghy) and the self-draining.

It is a pretty boat with fine lines that flare out towards the rear. The 505's planing hull, combined with 16 square metres of sail area upwind and 35 square metres downwind, allow it to glide at all speeds. This gives a great feeling, especially when sailing on the beam where the hull lifts off and reaches high speeds.

To control her power, you need to know how to play with the many adjustments the Cinquo offers, from the sails to the centreboard and the mast. However, it remains a handy, seaworthy boat that is very easy to handle.

5o5 and the second-hand market

It is an expensive boat with a lot of expensive fittings and noble materials for the most recent ones. So no miracle, the Cinquo is a fairly expensive dinghy. Older models nevertheless allow access to the myth at a lower cost.

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505 Rondar to sell in Croisée d'Anthy, 74200 Anthy-sur-Léman, France

Rondar1994 5000€

to sell cinquo cinq

- 2800€