505 Duvoisin for sale at Seine-Port

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505 Duvoisin for sale at Seine-Port





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Ad details :   505 Duvoisin for sale at Seine-Port - Seine-et-Marne

Hull : Duvoisin kevlar honeycomb carbon reinforcements on front third White deck and hull Hull recently repainted by a professional Painting of the earthenware bridge

Greement Mast Supersar M2 Auto trapeze barber

Selden Cumulus emergency mast

Aluminium boom and spinnaker pole

**Sails: 2 sets of Pinnell sails: one regatta, one training session. Dacron jibs (zip rope) GV millar Big Spinnaker: one blue, one blue-white-red

Appendices : Duvoisin drift. This is not a long daggerboard Max gauge, length 120cm Orientable

Duvoisin Saffron

Trailer and launch : Launching westmersea westmersea double road trailer

Others : Tonnage certificate year : 1998 top and bottom covers: worn out

The boat's track record: many top 10 finishes in national regattas between 2005 and 2018 Simple and fast boat, with American philosophy fittings.

Price: 6000€ to be discussed

the boat is visible at Seine Port

**Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qcmVGr1BYpfkEg9v9

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