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A large double trapeze dinghy from the Topper shipyard which was a competitor of the 49er for the choice at the Olympics. It then remained in the shadows. It is a powerful boat, heavier and easier than the Olympic skiff.

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Topper Boss, a double handed trapeze skiff

Topper Boss, a double handed trapeze skiff


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Boss presentation

The Boss is the big brother of ISO and Buzz. Designed for the Olympic Games in competition with the 49er, it combines power and technicality with its double trapeze, huge spinnaker and powerful mainsail. Designed for a rather heavy crew, this skiff will provide speed and remarkable gliding sensations. This Boss, relatively old like all the Bosses, is complete and seaworthy. Ideal to discover the fun of a skiff and the power of a double trapeze on a hull which remains relatively stable despite its overpower.

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Ian Howlett

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Topper Boss, a double handed trapeze skiff

Topper 1800€