Caravelle Autre marque for sale in Brest


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Caravelle Autre marque for sale in Brest
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Ad details :   Caravelle Autre marque for sale in Brest

English family dinghy ENTERPRISE in very good condition. Can accommodate 4 people in complete safety (very stable) for cruising and sailing. Distinguishable by the color of its sails!

Model: ENTERPRISE Manufacturer: Speed Boats Speed Boats Construction material: Glass/Polyester (maintenance-free, reliable, used for 90% of all boats) Maximum engine power: 3.5 hp Length: 4.04m Beam: 1.60m Weight: 94 kgs (can be launched easily with a beach cart) Sail area: 10.7m2 Architect: Jack Holt (same architect as Mirror)

The Enterprise can be compared to a Caravelle or a Skellig in France. It can carry up to 4 people on a family outing. The advantage of this dinghy over the Caravelle or Skellig is its low weight and compactness. Weighing just 94 kgs, it can be handled by a single person for launching. Storage and handling are also facilitated by its small size.

The cockpit can be expanded to comfortably accommodate 4 adults. Storage compartments are also provided for touring (watertight lockers).

It is extremely stable for its size and weight. This stability means that children and novices can board in complete safety. The boom is high. It is unsinkable and particularly easy to right on its own in the event of desalination. So it's safer than older Caravelles.

Rigging is simple and easy. Last but not least, masting takes just a few minutes, which means you can sail more often, for longer, and move easily between different types of water.

It can also be rowed or motorized.

The Enterprise belongs to a separate category of dinghies, known as rando dinghies. This category is unique. They are not to be confused with the sporty dinghies so well known in sailing centers. The approach to sailing with rando dinghies allows you to concentrate on the pleasure of sailing, and forget all the worries and complexity that can be involved in setting up a more conventional sailboat (mast only possible in a minute, neoprene not compulsory, etc.). If you'd like to know more about this rando concept and discover other models, watch the video on YOUTUBE: PUFFINS TREK "comment bien choisir son dériveur de rando". Take a look at my other ads or my Puffins-trek FR website.

Possible options (at extra cost) : Awning, Road and launch trailer.

See video presentation of the boat on YOUTUBE: PUFFINS TREK ENTERPRISE

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