Laser 2000 Laser Performance for sale in Brest


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Laser 2000 Laser Performance for sale in Brest
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Ad details :   Laser 2000 Laser Performance for sale in Brest

New generation family Laser dinghy (LASER 2000) designed to comfortably accommodate 4 adults. The reference in its category! Fine at the helm, flexible and versatile! (extra charge for a trailer and a spinnaker)

PUFFINS TREK is specialized in buying and selling second hand family dinghies (puffins-trek fr). All our dinghies are checked, certified and guaranteed.

Designed to offer a fun and entertaining sailing experience, the Laser 2000 is also distinguished by its smooth steering. Its recent design (asymmetrical spinnaker, wide and self-bailing cockpit, open at the back) has revolutionized the world of light sailing. It has quickly become popular with light sailors of all levels. It is widely acclaimed by French sailing schools. A sort of modern Caravelle, the Laser 2000 is equipped like the good recent dinghies: asymmetrical spinnaker on retractable bowsprit, wide and self-draining cockpit, open on the back.

Like all the boats proposed by PUFFINS TREK, this transportable dinghy is both stable and safe, its ergonomics is studied to make the navigation easier. It is also reliable and elegant.

Familiar and versatile The Laser 2000 is a family dinghy. It can accommodate up to 4 people, it is easy to handle and simple to use.

It is versatile, perfectly adapted to coastal sailing but also to a sporting use (it is fast and equipped with an asymmetric spinnaker and trapezes).

Its ergonomics are designed to allow easy transport, rigging and sailing, even for beginners. Benches form a perfect seat all along the cockpit, the space is free and allows everyone to sit comfortably, even the youngest children or beginners. Its opening on the back facilitates the boarding of the crew.

Stable and safe It is stable thanks to its large width and chine hull. The boom is high and protects the occupants during maneuvers.

If the wind and comfort conditions require it, the furling jib and automatic reefing (up to two reefs) simplify maneuvers and improve the boat's comfort and stability.

Randonneur It is equipped with a pivoting daggerboard that allows access to shallow draft areas, or to easily run aground on the beach, flat. If necessary, a motor chair can be installed to allow safe maneuvering in port. Watertight storage compartments are integrated to carry your picnic or camping equipment.

Transportable The Laser 2000 is light (124 kg). It can be transported by any passenger car on an unbraked, unregistered trailer without an E license. A single person can launch it on a conventional dock without having to immerse the trailer.

Reliable This dinghy made of polyester and fiberglass (PVC sandwich for a rigid and light hull) requires little maintenance and is very solid. The centerboard and rudder are made of composite. All fittings are of the highest quality (Harken brand). Very well equipped with, for example, a small jib sheet rail or cunningham and vang returns on two cleats within easy reach of the helmsman.

Its design allows it to stay at anchor without damage.

Aesthetics The Laser 2000 dinghy is very appreciated for its aesthetics. It has a modern and elegant hull that gives it a sporty and dynamic look. It is also available in a variety of colors and designs to suit all tastes.

Technical Specifications : Crew - C.E. Category: 4-C Length: 4.40 m Width: 1.80 m Weight : 124 kg Total sail area : 11,7 m² (11.7 sq. ft.) Mainsail area : 8.6 m² (8.6 sq ft) Jib surface : 3.04 m² (3.04 sqm) Spinnaker area : 10.12 m² (10.12 sq ft)

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