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The Laser Vago is a modern dinghy from the Laser Performance yard. Built in rotomoulded, it is robust and easy. It is a good boat to learn to sail a dinghy with an asymmetrical spinnaker. Perfect sailing companion for 2 adults.

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Laser Vago used
Laser Vago used
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Laser Vago presentation

Laser Vago, the discovery and initiation dinghy for adults

This boat is designed to be robust and reliable. This makes it a perfect boat to equip sailing schools or crews starting out in dinghy sailing. Of modern design, the Laser Vago offers a rig with mainsail, jib and asymmetrical spinnaker mounted on a retractable pole.

It is its rotomoulded hull that gives it all its solidity even if it slightly restricts its performance by making it a little heavy.

Price and second-hand market of the Laser Vago

This boat is rare on the second-hand market because it is recent and not many were produced yet. It is a boat that can be found second-hand from around 2000€. For a new purchase, the Laser Vago is offered at a price of 6500€.

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Used Laser Vago price table

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