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mach 2 performant


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Ad details :   mach 2 performant - Bouches-du-Rhône

Boat of the president of the French class, constantly optimized since 2014. A great opportunity for someone wishing to enter the class with a reliable and well tuned machine, as well as for someone wishing to get these first results in regattas without spending the 30ke of the top boats.

Low mast step, boom angled 19°, CST mast A3M sails, adjustable spreader bar (shrouds and stays), Probe on butt end, plus a linkage and 1 spare probe. Reinforced platform or as required, ladder-mounted cleats, aero fairing of the gantry 1 complete set of small foils (pro surface preparation) small main foil and small anhedral rudder. Boat launch, awning and covers

Optional 1 big main foil and its daggerboard (Early lift 2.3) 1500 euros. Fiberglass transport box 500 euros Road trailer, specially designed to receive the boat and all its equipment. New tires and bearings, 2500 euros.

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