RS 200 RS Sailing for sale in Mons, Wallonie, Belgique

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RS 200 RS Sailing for sale in Mons, Wallonie, Belgique


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Ad details :   RS 200 RS Sailing for sale in Mons, Wallonie, Belgique - Hainaut


I had surgery on both knees, the last one a year and a half ago and my revalidation is not going well. I've finally resolved that I can no longer sail light. I'm looking to leave light sailing and move towards cabin cruising.

I therefore reluctantly resell my skiff RS200, sail number 509 with which I personally have sailed very little, bought in 2013 and released 6 times since then. It is a very good boat that I had already bought in great condition from a Belgian importer. She spent all her winters in a garage dressed in her rates, she has been out twice a summer maximum since I got her, 8 times in all. It has hardly been transported and when it was, always under rates. 4m long, 1.83 wide.

It has a road and launch trailer in impeccable condition, a top and bottom sheet, a mainsail, two jibs, one of which is for competition (never used by me) and two spinnakers, one of which is brand new, bought as a replacement for a damaged spinnaker which cannot decently be part of the sale.

I live in Belgium but I can take it down to the north of Paris if the sale closes. I'd like to resell it for 4000 euros.

I can be reached at 0032 473 53 40 56, on this forum in response to this announcement or by email. pironjulien@gmail.com

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