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RS 500

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RS 500




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Ad details :   RS 500 - Ille-et-Vilaine

The RS500 is a modern double dinghy with trapeze and asymmetric spinnaker - halfway between dinghy and skiff. The volume of the hull and the rigging adjustments open the door to a wide range of different sizes and to fast and comfortable sailing. The boat is quick to rig and tolerant on the water. This RS500 is in excellent condition, delivered fully serviced and safe. It has 2 sets of sails (1 set dacron, 1 set mylar, 2 spis). It is also equipped with a top cover, a bottom cover and a launch compatible with its road base. Other accessories are also available such as a rudder cover, a compa, sail bags...

Feel free to call us or drop by to see the boat for more information.

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