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The RS400 is a modern double-handed dinghy from the RS Sailing range, where the crew goes for the recall. It is powerful and is aimed at fairly heavy, adult crews.

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RS 400 RS Sailing for sale in Saint-Malo

RS 400 RS Sailing for sale in Saint-Malo


RS 400 presentation

The RS400 is a very nice dinghy released in the late 90s. It is a powerful boat with no trapeze: you need to rappel and have thighs and abs to hold this boat in the breeze.

This design makes it very suitable for inland waters, manoeuvring is made easier by the large cockpit, the generous sail area allows it to take advantage of every breath of air. The pivoting daggerboard is also a guarantee of ease for arrivals and departures.

A boat for racing too:

The RS400 is a popular boat for racing. There is a high level of regatta activity across the UK.

Second hand market of the RS400 :

The RS400 is rare in France and much more common in the UK. Its robust construction allows it to age well and the hulls remain rigid and perform well. The RS400 can be bought for around 3500€ on the second hand market.

Some figures of the RS 400 sailing dinghy :

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Phil Morrison

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Used RS 400 price table

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RS 400 RS Sailing for sale in Saint-Malo

RS Sailing2000 5200€