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The Rs500 is a Skiff for beginners and advanced sailors from LDC Racing Sailboats. It is a dinghy that can be compared to the 420 or the 470 but with a more modern design.

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RS 500 used
RS 500 used
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RS 500 presentation

A modern double-handed dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker and a trapeze. The RS500 is an easy, fast dinghy, a perfect learning boat for modern dinghies.

The RS500 has several rigs and versions. This makes the RS500 a very versatile boat that can be used by beginner crews as well as more experienced sailors looking to improve their skills.

Successor of the 420 and 470 this boat is very successful, second hand is rare and the boat remains expensive.

It may be criticised for a slight lack of robustness. So if you buy a boat that has been sailed a lot, you will have to be careful about the good maintenance of the boat.

The RS500 can be bought second hand for 4000€ or more, while the new price is over 10000€.

There is no RS 500 for sale 😢

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Used RS 500 price table

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