RS 500 RS Sailing for sale in Carantec


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48 pictures

RS 500 RS Sailing for sale in Carantec
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Ad details :   RS 500 RS Sailing for sale in Carantec

RS500 XL double trapeze year 2021 n° 1723

Boat in very good condition supplied with :

1 set of XL Mylar sails (mainsail + jib).

1 blue spinnaker.

1 new top cover.

1 launch.

1 road trailer.

1 rudder cover.

5 snags on anti-skid (marks from trapeze belt belt hooks).

Slightly poached mast following the boat's tilting on the parking lot during storm Ciaran (no effect on the mast's mechanical strength). mechanical strength).

Hull gelcoat completely professionally reworked.

Modifications to the original version :

  • Adjusted spinnaker shroud to widen the entry.
  • Dyneema-braided mainsail halyard with x4 cascade hoist for perfect perfect hold at masthead.
  • Double stick bar.
  • Bamboo sticks for longer life. At least when at least when you break them, they snap back into place, allowing you to return to shore.
  • Modified bar for double-stick use.
  • Harken x6 forestay tensioner.
  • Replacement of the downhaul with a downhaul to protect the mast from stress corrosion cracking in the area of the push-pin gooseneck.
  • Push-pin turnbuckle battens.
  • Dyneema trapeze lines for easy removal of spoons clamcleat for improved maintenance (rinsing + drying).
  • Over-tipped tips.

Additional spare parts:

2 new long aluminum sticks.

2 long bamboo sticks.

1 short stick.

1 new saffron.

1 used black spinnaker.

1 new set of spreaders.

1 new set shrouds + forestay + lower shrouds.

1 new pair of cable trapeze lines.

4 new trapeze kits (spoon+clamcleat).

2 used trapeze kits.

Batch of 25 bamboos (we don't actually break many).

1 life jacket.

2 trapeze belts.

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