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The RS 800 is a double trapeze skiff produced by the LDC Racing Sailboats shipyard, it is the little cousin of the 49er. It is a fast dinghy with a plastering hull, for experienced dinghy sailors. However, it is more accessible because it is more stable and less powerful than the Olympic 49er.

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RS 800 used
RS 800 used
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RS 800 presentation

RS800 the Skiff double trapeze accessible

Less sail area than a 49er, the RS800 benefits from a fairly wide hull, a carbon mast, a self-tacking jib and an asymmetrical spinnaker.

The RS 800 is the accessible double trapeze skiff thanks to excellent stability, a healthy hull and "sufficient" power, making it a very good boat for mixed crews. In addition, the RS800 is undergoing sustained development in France, driven by RS France, which runs the fleet and offers supervised sailing.

Second-hand RS800, market, offers

The RS800 costs around €20,000 new. A pretty sum but less than its cousins the 49er and 49erFX. However, the second-hand market offers the possibility of acquiring fairly recent boats for about half this price. Even much less for older models that can be bought for as little as 3000€.

The RS800 versions

This boat has evolved 10 years ago with a different deck plan that makes it easier to navigate upright.

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