Topaz Xenon Topper for sale in Brest


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Topaz Xenon Topper for sale in Brest
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Ad details :   Topaz Xenon Topper for sale in Brest

Family dinghy for touring and camping. Can safely accommodate up to 4 people (stable boat, wetsuit not mandatory). In excellent condition. Perfect for family cruising and touring. Can be motorized for harbor maneuvers, in calm conditions or in strong winds for a safe return. A tent can be installed on the boat for multi-day trips. Modern, new-generation dinghy. Unsinkable double hull, metal centerboard. Asymmetrical spinnaker on retractable bowsprit (unique halyard system allows the spinnaker to be hoisted in seconds from the helm) and planing hull.

Model: TOPPER SPORT 14 Manufacturer: TOPPER INTERNATIONAL Year: 2000 Construction material: Glass/Polyester (maintenance-free, reliable, material used for 90% of boats) Approval: Category C for 4 persons (unsinkable) Maximum engine power: 3.5 hp Length: 4.45m Beam: 1.80m

Weight: 135 kgs (can be launched easily with a beach cart) Sail area: 12m2

The Topper Sport 14 has been designed by TOPPER INTERNATIONAL for water sports. This boat has been designed to enable a single person to practice water sports (light, easy to rig and handle, simple and safe).

Options available (at extra cost): Awning, Road and launch trailer (two trailers one on top of the other), Asymmetrical spinnaker and complete fittings.

Watch the video presentation on YOUTUBE: PUFFINS TREK TOPPER SPORT 14

Can be compared to LASER 2000, RS 2000, Laser Stratos. Dinghies of the same generation. The difference lies in the presence of an engine chair, the metal centerboard, the lighter weight and greater stability and versatility of the Topper Sport 14 for touring.

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