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The Topper is a simplistic, minimalist dinghy that invented easy sailing long before it became a fashion. The Topper is simple, light, frugal, you can put this dinghy on the roof of your car without any problem, it is the ultimate light sailing discovery boat.

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Topper used
Topper used
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Topper Topper for sale in Lyon

Topper Topper for sale in Lyon


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Even if it is simplistic, the Topper is an icon of light sailing. It has an incredible spread all over the planet. An incredible destiny for this small 11 foot (3.40m) and only 43kg solo dinghy designed by Ian Proctor. Indeed, more than 50,000 units have been produced.

The Topper is easily found on the second hand market even if it is in England that it has had its greatest success. This robust and easy to maintain boat is a perfect boat to have in your holiday home for sailing on the beach or inland waterways.

The Topper has 3 rigs from 4.2 to 6.4 m2 to suit the helmsman, the weather and the programme. A true all-round dinghy.

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Topper Topper for sale in Lyon

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