Divers dériveurs Autre marque for sale in Préfailles


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3 pictures

Divers dériveurs Autre marque for sale in Préfailles
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Ad details :   Divers dériveurs Autre marque for sale in Préfailles

Dinghy Goat Island Skiff (GIS) - cat boat - one-third sail

Health reasons - 8000 €

Program :

1) A true dinghy (not a "sail-oar") with a power-to-weight ratio and versatility akin to a Laser, with surfing capabilities to match.

2) Load capacity: around 270 kg, making it a raid boat too.

Arwenn Marine version: - pivoting appendages,

  • hull lined with shock-absorbing polyester twill/resin,

  • 4 watertight forms with access hatch.

Accessories : Road trailer and MAE - canopy - ground rollers - mooring system

All in perfect condition, ready to sail from a beach or MAE slipway.

Smooth hull and appendages

All maneuvers optimized for single-handed sailing (2 reefs, edge and cunnnigham, pocket chute, ergonomic telescopic stick, 2 halyards + one spare ...)

To find out more about GIS : - manufacturer in France: https://www.arwenmarine.com/Index.html

  • Michael Storer (architect) website: https://www.storerboatplans.com
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