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Ad details :   RS TERA Sport - Loire-Atlantique

Good condition, demo boat Sold with launch A new, fun, cool approach to sailing! The RS Tera took everyone by surprise and obtained ISAF status in only 2 years. Modern, stylish, she attracts young people right away - "kids love her" was the headline of the magazine ̋bateaux ̋. The sensations on the water do the rest. The smiles speak for themselves. Robust and attractive, the Tera is a success on beaches, on regattas and even for those who only want to row! It is also an asset in clubs, sailing schools and holiday resorts. No mystery for the popularity of the Tera, it is a real RS and the speed of the installation is impressive. LIVING AND REASSURING: - Easy to sail, stable with its chine hull, well-balanced rigging, it offers a position to steer that makes you go naturally forward - Living on the water even with little wind, fast in the breeze it is the reference on this slice of dinghies. - Unsinkable, sturdy and stripped down - It turns over slowly in case of capsizing, straightens up quickly and empties very quickly FOR USE : - It can be rigged in minutes - The RS Tera is easy to transport on the roof and can be stored just as easily - Sturdy, it requires little maintenance. POLYVALENT : - Manageable by a child of 30 Kg - It can support up to 70 Kg - It offers space for 2 children - And can be handled on land by 2 children VALUE : - The RS quality, its Comptec PE3 construction and its adapted fittings - A very affordable price to go on the water CHARACTERISTICS : - Triple layer Comptec PE3 - Length : 2,87m - Width : 1,23m - Hull weight : 33Kg - Reduced Dacron sail with vertical battens : 3,7m² - Mast 2 parts - Padded boom - Polyurethane daggerboard/sail - Towing handle - Rear carrying handles - Padded straps - Righting end - Swimming ladder

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