Centerboarder RS 400 used

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Centerboarder RS 400 used

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Ad details :   Centerboarder RS 400 used - Ille-et-Vilaine

The RS 400 is a double dinghy without trapeze, with an asymmetrical spinnaker. Big brother of the 200, it is aimed at rather heavy crews, recognizable by its great width to balance its power, chines and taut lines. The ergonomics of its vast self-draining cockpit is very well designed, everything is within easy reach. When sending the spinnaker, the efficiency with which it accelerates is added to the very healthy character of the boat: a light helm and a well-balanced hull.... Our RS 400 with its royal blue dress and black spars gives it a chic look, model in very good condition. Complete, ready to sail, road base option available. More pictures on our website http://deriveurservices.com/deriveur-rs-400-ldc-occasion/ Privileged telephone contact

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