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Open Bic complet

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Ad details :   Open Bic complet - Bouches-du-Rhône

2009 Openc Bic, good condition. A clean hull, a cockpit is clear: a double-bottomed cockpit shape totally open at the stern allows instantaneous evacuation of the water embarked while sailing or after a desalination. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, small size and light weight, easy to manoeuvre. It fits on the roof rack of a car. Its launching trailer allows you to do the last few meters. Boat delivered complete with:- Launching trailer- Two daggerboards + cover- Rudder- Masts and all equipment + 4.5m² sail + cover- Rooster Width: 1.14m Length: 2.75m Weight: 45Kg (thermoformed Polyethylene bare shell) Sail: 4.5m² Polyester film with 4 adjustable tension battens Mast: 3.90m (two parts dismountable) Boom: 2.00m (Aluminium) Ideal weight: from 30 to 70Kg Max weight: 90kg Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

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