Divers voiliers de croisière Autre marque to sell in Uturoa, Îles-sous-le-Vent, Polynésie Française

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20 pictures

Divers voiliers de croisière Autre marque to sell in Uturoa, Îles-sous-le-Vent, Polynésie Française

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Ad details :   Divers voiliers de croisière Autre marque to sell in Uturoa, Îles-sous-le-Vent, Polynésie Française

Sailing boat JUAN SA BULAN


  • Construction site : ACGB Ranville

  • Country and year of construction : France / 1982.

  • Architect : Michel Joubert.

  • Ship type: Sloop monohull,

  • Series : Consolation 42.

  • Usage: Pleasure craft.

  • Overall length : 13,40 meters with the platform.

  • Width : 4 meters.

  • Draft: 1.20 meters / 2.20 meters

  • Light displacement : 9 000 kilos.

  • Sail area upwind: about 75 m2.

  • Downwind sail area: about 110m2.

  • Sailing category : Authorized for navigation in 1st category.

  • Motorization : One diesel inboard engine.


  • Flag: French.

  • Home port: Cherbourg.

  • Act of Francisation : N° CP897007201.

  • Registration number : CH D37376

  • MMSI NUMBER : 227698590

  • Radio code : FGF2143


  • Materials: Shaped in aluminium AG4

  • Partitions: Made of aluminium AG4

  • Coating: Dead work: raw aluminium

    Live work: epoxy putty, epoxy primer, antifooling trilux interprotect

  • Passage hull: Plastic.

  • Last refit : May 2020 at MMS shipyard (Hiva Oa).

  • 2 fixed hull ports


  • Leaden Skittle

  • Central aluminium keel controlled by a mixed polyester cable, passing on the deck by

a tube and sent back to the cockpit on a winch.


Materials: Made of aluminium.

  • Hull/deck connection: The deck is welded to the hull.

  • Coating : Non-slip paint.

  • Deck hatch : Three deck panels.

  • Deck safety : Two tiers of spinners mounted on stainless steel stanchions and tubular balconies. Balcony around the mast.

  • 4 rails for genoa and staysail,

  • large bow locker, 2 aft lockers.


  • Aft cockpit with 8 closed crew 2 gas bottles of 13 kilos is placed under the tiller

  • Roof with 5 opening portholes and 5 fixed portholes.

  • Fittings, deck / cockpit : Seven Barlow winches (2x 27 and 3x19 in the cockpit, 1x25 and 1x24 in the

two 6-strand mainsail hoists and seven blockers (5 for the piano, 2 for the

one for the Genoa line).


  • An aluminium rudder on 3 points on the transom, protected by a skeg.

  • windvane gear on the trailing edge

  • Main system : A steering wheel, metal transmission and chain that passes under the helmsman's floor.


  • A Lofran electric windlass powered by 12 Volts of 1 000 Watts, wired remote control.

  • Anchor : The main anchor is a fixed ploughshare anchor of 20kg mounted on the boat.

on a length of 60 meters chain. The secondary anchor is made up of an anchor

Flat anchor mounted on 20 meters of chain plus mooring line

  • 80m webbing on a reel at station.


  • Materials mast / boom : Niravana anodized aluminium mast / Nirvana anodized aluminium boom.

  • Type of rigging : Sloop with releasable stays and runners.

  • Fixing : Placed on the deck and maintained at the front by a prop, 1 releasable prop, a low prop.

Laterally by four cap shrouds and two lower shrouds. One spreader stage.

  • The entire standing rigging is made of multi-strand stainless steel cable.

  • The running rigging is made of pre-stretched polyester rope.

  • Sail: Set of dacron sails, consisting of a fully battened mainsail, a genoa on

two staysails and a storm jib.

  • Lazzi bag and lazzi Jack.

  • Mast fittings : Three winches two speeds self tailing, one furling genoa and two spinnakers.


  • Fuel : A fixed aluminium diesel tank at the rear of the engine with a hatch for the

a total capacity of 300 litres.

  • Water: Two aluminium tanks for a total capacity of 250 litres with filling

independent filling on each side and possibility of isolation by valves.

  • Water distribution: A 12 volt electric water group with storage tank. Water heater on

pressurized circuit, mixer tap in kitchen and bathroom.

  • Grey water / black water : Direct to the sea.


  • Layout : The forward cabin has a large double berth that can be enlarged by a

1m90 wide at the head and 1m40 at the feet. With 3 cupboards, a large wardrobe, a drawer,

a desk, a fan, two bookcases, 3 portholes and a hood.

  • The cabin at the back of the coffin is equipped with a double berth, a fan and a porthole.

in the cockpit and one fixed on the hull.

  • The bathroom is equipped with a marine lavatory, a shower and 4 closets.

  • The saloon on the port side has a large table that can accommodate 6 people and is convertible

The saloon on the port side has a large table for 6 people and is convertible into a double berth with storage space under the benches and one of the water tanks. Side

The starboard side has a single berth of 2m under which there is storage and the 2nd


water tank, and a library.

  • The chart table on the port side aft

  • The galley on the port bow with plenty of storage space.

  • The large storage locker accessible from inside and outside on the port side aft.

The fittings are made of plywood and wood panels


  • Handrails make it easier to move around

  • height under headboard 1m90

  • strap for the lazarette and the map table

  • LED lighting


  • Cold: A large refrigerated compartment, equipped with a DANFOSS electric compressor powered by a water pump.

12 volts, air cooling.

  • Miscellaneous equipment: A two-burner gas cooker and oven, all stainless steel and a car radio MP3 player.


  • Main engine : A Yanmar 4JH4E engine changed in 2007 inboard diesel of 50hp / 36 Kw,


cylinders in line, 1.76 liter of displacement, indirect cooling by heat exchanger with

one spare.

  • Special mass insulation kit.

  • Engine hour: 3800 hours of use.

  • Transmission: Shaft line transmission via KM35P reverser and gland seal

rotating graphite gland.

A three-bladed bronze propeller made to measure by France hélice, very powerful. a backup less well.


  • Four classic life jackets.

  • One horseshoe buoy.

  • Fire fighting: Two ABC mobile extinguishers.

  • Dewatering: Two manual bilge pumps and one submerged bilge pump

powered by 12 volts.

  • Distress beacon: EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) kannad Manual

expired in 11/2019 but test OK

  • IOR boom

  • Buoy with 100 meter jet line

  • Outdated life raft


  • The service battery park is composed of three AGM batteries, 12 volts / of

100 Ah batteries. An Optima battery without maintenance acid / lead, 12 volts / 50 Ah is dedicated to the

engine starting.

  • vectron battery manager.

  • leak detector.

  • The batteries are charged by an original alternator, a shore battery charger

mastervolt shore battery charger, four solar panels for a total of 370 watts, MPPT vectron controller.

  • Inverter : 12 Volts / 220 Volts / 150 Watts.

  • Electrical panel: a bipolar electrical panel for the distribution in 12 Volts, with a circuit breaker for each notified function and an additional panel with fuse for the fridge.

  • Light point: Ceiling lights, LED lights powered in 12 volts.


  • Navigation : Two external display units combining the loch /

speedometer / sounder / GPS whose screen is almost unreadable in sunlight and a pilot

autopilot NKE lecombe cylinder and shmitt

  • Communications: A VHF / DSC radio, a portable VHF

  • A sea-watch.

  • Fuel and water gauge

  • LED navigation and anchor lights

17- ANNEXEEIn the process of being changed, disappeared at anchor.

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