Trampoline mesh for Hobie cat 18

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Trampoline mesh for Hobie cat 18

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Ad details :   Trampoline mesh for Hobie cat 18 - Haute-Savoie

New FWD Sailing trampoline for Hobie Cat 18 :

Has your trampoline given up after years of loyal service?

Forward Sailing proposes you to replace it with this new innovative 3-point trampoline :

  • Thanks to a new configuration, the central and back openings where the ropes tend to run in the water are eliminated...
  • Creation of a front area to protect the crew from splashes in light weather, and a Mesh back area to let the water flow out in stronger conditions.
  • Creation of a storage area with a halyard pocket and righting line, a pocket for a water bottle and a bag for storing safety equipment.

After sails, rudders, awnings and technical accessories, Forward Sailing offers you its new range of perfectly finished mesh trampolines at competitive prices.

Instruction for installation :

  • Slide the trampoline onto the rear beam.
  • Then slide the trampoline into the port hull.
  • Install the 2 straps with eyelets on the front beam and tension the front of the trampoline with a 5mm end not supplied.
  • Slide the dacron strip on the starboard hull, install the 2 tubular composite slats, then tension the last side of the trampoline.

Technical Info :

  • Trampoline in 3 parts: 1 large piece with 2 lines on the port and aft sides + a strip to slide in the front beam and a strip to slide in the starboard hull.
  • Equipped with comfortable soft nylon abseiling straps.
  • Highly resistant Mesh Bainbridge fabric and UV treated allows standing water to pass over the trampoline.
  • Finished with reinforced dacron fabric and high-strength 6 stitch zigzag seams, UV treated thread.
  • Colour: black.

PRICE: 339.99€.


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