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The 49er is a one-design double skiff. The Australian architect Julian Bethwaite designed it in 1996 following the 18-foot philosophy: large abseiling ladders and huge sail area. It is a double trapeze boat, fast, unstable, powerful.

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49er Ovington for sale in Nantes

49er Ovington for sale in Nantes


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49er presentation

The 49er, Olympic skiff !

The Forty Niner is a thrilling dinghy, it reaches its maximum power from 15 knots of wind. It is the big brother of the 29er they share a very ergonomic and simplistic deck plan. The construction of the 49er does not use exotic materials (carbon, kevlar) which limits the price. The mast is now made of carbon whereas for the first versions it was a mixed aluminium and fibreglass mast. Its fibreglass hull is very robust and ages very well.

It has been the Olympic skiff since the Sydney games in 2000, it is an open and mixed series but at a high level the physical aspect of this boat does not allow the female crews to compete.

49er FX for women's crews

There is a slightly smaller rigged version for women's crews at the Olympics mainly. But this slightly wiser version is also a very good boat for amateur crews.

Used 49er market

As the 49er is an Olympic boat, it is mainly the crews of champions that break down the second-hand market equipment. Thus, advertisements for 49er for sale in very good condition are regular, as is the case for the equipment, sails, mast and deck fittings.

49er shippyard : Ovington and Mackay Boats

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49er Ovington for sale in Nantes

Ovington2016 11000€