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The Finn is a cat-rigged single-handed sailing dinghy. It was designed in 1949 by a Finn (man): Richard Sarby. It is a very physical dinghy with many adjustments to regulate the power of the imposing 10m² sail.

For a long time, this boat was the boat of choice for the big guys at the Olympic Games. It is in the Finn that great sailors have distinguished themselves: Paul Elvstrøm and more recently Ben Ainslie.

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Finn used
Finn used
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Finn Devoti for sale in Bordeaux

Finn Devoti for sale in Bordeaux


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Finn parts for sale in Nantes


Finn Devoti for sale in Royan

Finn Devoti for sale in Royan


Finn presentation

The Finn is a single-handed boat for heavy weights, it is very powerful, you need weight, and strength on the abseil to lead it as soon as the wind rises a little. It is therefore mainly an adult dinghy for male sailors.

This boat, which has qualities of finesse at the helm that do not leave one indifferent, has obtained the recognition of being the support for the Olympic Games in the category: solo male dinghy.

The Finn has been able to modernise and take advantage of technological advances in the field of composite materials.

It is now possible to rig the Finn with a light and flexible mast allowing lighter sailors to enjoy the pleasure of the Finn and lighter sailors to give the "heavyweights" a hard time.

Finn dinghy second hand market:

The Finn has been produced in large numbers since the 1950s. For a very leisurely activity at a time when even Lanaverre produced them. However, for the last 20 years or so, the Finn has been used almost exclusively for racing. The builders of this model of dinghies with non-monotype class rules have proposed more optimised and more performing boats.

Thus, you can find old boats for cruising for less than 1000 €. On the other hand, modern boats are much more expensive (sometimes 15000€). These competition models are often built by Devotti or Pata.

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Used Finn price table

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Finn Devoti for sale in Bordeaux

Devoti2014 12500€

Finn parts for sale in Nantes

-2000 100€

Finn Devoti for sale in Royan

Devoti2001 4900€