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The Moth International is the dinghy that brought sailing on foil. This development gauge brought this innovation whose design has been followed by all categories of light sailing later on.

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Moth Mach2 N°4273 for sale in La Rochelle

Moth Mach2 N°4273 for sale in La Rochelle


Moth Foiler Rocket v1 for sale at La Baule-Escoublac

Moth Foiler Rocket v1 for sale at La Baule-Escoublac


Moth bladerider

Moth bladerider


Moth international

Moth international


mach 2 performant

mach 2 performant


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Some figures of the Moth International sailing dinghy :

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Used Moth International price table

Advert titleBuilderCountryYearPrice
Moth Mach2 N°4273 for sale in La Rochelle
-FRA 16000
Moth Foiler Rocket v1 for sale at La Baule-Escoublac
Aardvark TechFRA 7900
Moth bladerider
-FRA 2008 6500
Moth international
-FRA 2009 4950
mach 2 performant
McConaghy BoatsFRA 2014 12900
Moth international ninja
-FRA 2012 5999

The model Moth International has 2 differents versions: Moth Foiler, Moth Classic.

Moth International presentation

The Moth International, laboratory of light sailing

The international moth underwent an unprecedented upheaval during the 2000s with the appearance of load-bearing daggerboards and rudders. The moth foiler was born and it started a revolution in extreme light sailing.

Using carbon in profusion, for the mast, hull and wings, this small dinghy can reach astonishing speeds for such a small size, once the learning phase and the first baths are over.

Most hydrofoil motorboats are not built by amateurs, but since 2006 KaSails has been building the Bladerider as a series production boat. The most recent current models are the Mach 2 and the Exocet.

Second hand market of MothInt

There are moths foilers at all prices. Series with development, the material is quickly obsolete if you want to shine on the championships. On the other hand, if you want to sail or fly without pretension, you can find very accessible boats.

Alternatives to the moth foiler

There are now many alternatives for flying without going through the moth, which remains quite exclusive. The UFO, the Wazsp for example