Moth Foiler Rocket v1 for sale at La Baule-Escoublac

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Moth Foiler Rocket v1 for sale at La Baule-Escoublac


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Ad details :   Moth Foiler Rocket v1 for sale at La Baule-Escoublac - Loire-Atlantique

Boat currently stored in dry storage in La Baule (Loire-Atlantique - 44), visible in recent years at the Cercle Nautique La Baule Le Pouliguen Pornichet (CNBPP) Great boat to discover flying with a reasonable budget. Ideal for beginners in foil moth who want to acquire a boat with still some technical evolutions possible. Built in 2013 (by Mike Cook, Aardvark Racing)

Bought in November 2017 in England with a lot of problems to solve and repairs to do. After 2 and a half years of work, the boat is now ready to sail and race! I'm reluctantly selling my boat, but I'm running out of time to enjoy it fully, and new projects are on the horizon for the coming months.


  • small snags, a few bumps and scratches, normal wear and tear for a 7 year old boat
  • modification of the deck to improve the "ride height adjuster" system (real time mechanical control of the incidence of the foil), work carried out by a local professional, in carbon, covered with a protective varnish, but would require a coat of yellow paint for a perfect finish
  • the ISAF plate n°4045 is no longer on the hull because I had initially planned to repaint it, but I have an official replacement plate n°R956 supplied by World Sailing, still not glued on the boat
  • anti-UV awning "Creation Covers" in good condition, grey colour
  • launching trailer (1 wheel recently replaced to new)


  • the starboard wing had suffered a breakage with the previous owner, it could no longer be removed from the hull at the forward end. A lengthy repair work was carried out in the winter of 2017-2018 to make it demountable, with a new carbon sleeve. It lacks a paint finish so that it is no longer visible.
  • carbon plates have been added on the wings to facilitate the adjustment of the cunningham, the low tan, the feeler depth and the incidence of the foil (4 settings). These plates have been glued to the Araldite
  • low aerodynamic drag trampolines "Creation Covers" in good condition
  • addition of personalized pockets under the trampolines to add pool fries. Work carried out by a sailmaker. These buoyancies make it easier to start when you start
  • addition of Dyneema+sandow tips under the trampolines


  • all the ends have been redone in 2019 (Liros rope)
  • numerous textile shackles and handmade splices
  • 1x original carbon probe spoon (professionally repaired with resin)
  • 1x brand-new carbon spoon that has never been in the water yet


  • 1x "large" foil Rocket (2nd generation) in good condition, small snags, has never been broken or fallen to the ground.
  • 1x Rocket rudder (announced as the latest generation of rudder when I bought it in 2017) also in good condition, minor snags, no repairs or falls to the ground
  • protective covers for foil and saffron
  • rudder: flexible connection piece between tiller and stick, redone in summer 2019.


  • 1 KA sail (2013) with a small hole repaired with a white patch
  • 1 Lennon A3M - D3L (2015) prototype membrane sail with 2 repairs made by a sailmaker
  • storage and transport bags for each sail
  • Aardvark mast and storage bag
  • straight boom + bracket and water canister

Possible arrangements for possible delivery in France Invoices for each of the work carried out and purchases made available Dozens of photos and videos can also be provided to visualize the boat, as well as many assembly diagrams / parts lists made by hand.

Possibility to come and try it out + explanations/mounting at Le Pouliguen after the confinement.

Negotiable price, make reasonable offer

This ad is no longer current? The property is sold and you know it? Let us know,we'll investigate. vhf@iwannaboat.com Thank you! Objective: 100% valid ads, help us!