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The RS 700 is a single-handed dinghy equipped with a trapeze, ladders, asymmetric spinnaker and carbon mast, all the ingredients of a demanding single-handed skiff capable of providing a lot of feeling in medium wind.

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RS 700 used
RS 700 used
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RS 700 Autre marque for sale in Dunkerque

RS 700 Autre marque for sale in Dunkerque


RS 700 sails for sale in Saint-Malo

RS 700 sails for sale in Saint-Malo


RS 700 presentation

RS 700, a demanding single-handed dinghy

This beautiful skiff designed by RS Sailing and still in production today is a demanding boat. Technically as well as physically, 13m2 of mainsail and 13 m2 of spinnaker will have to be handled with a trapeze at the end of the ladders. This means that as soon as the wind picks up, you need both kilos at the end of the cable and technique.

However, it is a boat whose cokpit design allows for seated transitions (which its closest competitor, the Musto Skiff, does not).

RS700 second hand market

This boat has been produced in about 400 units and the fleet is still evolving. Fairly light (80kg) and therefore rather fragile, it requires careful handling and regular maintenance. The oldest boats can be found for around 2000€, more modern or better equipped second hand boats will exceed 5000€.

The market is developed in England and the Czech Republic.

Some figures of the RS 700 sailing dinghy :

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Boat designer :

Nick Peters & Alex Southon

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Used RS 700 price table

Advert titleBuilderYearPrice

RS 700 Autre marque for sale in Dunkerque

-2015 5500€

RS 700 sails for sale in Saint-Malo

-2000 700€