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The Wayfarer is a large dinghy with a large cockpit. This makes it a good boat for group or family sailing. This English dinghy is close in spirit of the Caravelle. The Wayfarer is safe, fast enough for its size, which makes it a boat often used for raid and adventure sailing.

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Wayfarer used
Wayfarer used
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Wayfarer Autre marque for sale in Soustons

Wayfarer Autre marque for sale in Soustons


Wayfarer presentation

The Wayfarer is a rather interesting dinghy. Almost 5m long, it offers a spacious cokpit that can accommodate up to 5 adults for the ride. However, for cruising, the crew of a Wayfarer should be limited to 2 people.

This adventurous boat has been used for some notable expeditions: one crew reached Iceland from England. More recently, a complete circumnavigation of the British peninsula has been achieved in a Wayfarer.

This dinghy is still built in the UK by Hartley Boats. The older boats are made of wood, the more modern versions are made of fibreglass. This boat is robust (and therefore also quite heavy), it is not fragile and can be docked on beaches.

The Wayfarer is less common on the second-hand market in France than across the Channel. However, they can be found for around 1000 to 2000€ depending on the equipment.

Second hand Wayfarers are often boats that will need some restoration work. But once restored, it will be a perfect companion for the family boat trip.

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Wayfarer Autre marque for sale in Soustons

-2000 600€