RS 400 RS Sailing for sale in Saint-Malo


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RS 400 RS Sailing for sale in Saint-Malo
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Ad details :   RS 400 RS Sailing for sale in Saint-Malo

RS 400 / Sail number : 1023 Very good condition.

Sails : 1 mainsail (TBE) / 1 jib (TBE) / 1 asymmetrical red spinnaker (TBE) Delivered with its cart and its blue PVC cover.

Our RS400 was bought in 2016 second hand from a professional. It has been carefully maintained each season. Rinsing of the sails after each desalination. Rinsing of the rope after each season. It has been wintered under cover, and for two years in a club. It is dismasted after each season. The RS 400 was our first dinghy. It has been our playmate on the water of the bay of Lancieux and the Rance.

Very accessible in light winds, it becomes more sportive when the wind rises. The battened sails and their surface give a certain power to the boat. In winds over 15 knots, it is recommended to have a crew of 150kg cumulated (due to its width, the RS 400 is designed without trapeze). Tacking under spinnaker in 13-15 knots of wind gives a very nice feeling when the hull is planning. Sending and dropping the spinnaker is relatively easy thanks to the spinnaker feeder. The chine hull gives a good balance to the boat. The seat is comfortable, and a bench allows the crew to rebalance the weight in the center during light winds or in light airs, in a more comfortable way. The fine adjustments are centralized on this bench, within easy reach (downhaul, Cunningham, jib halyard). Masting and unmasting is easy. We are parting with it for a liveaboard project. Video to see : Youtube / QMSC RS400 Queen mary

Visible in Saint-Suliac (35). Double dinghy without trapeze Adjustable bowsprit, spinnaker feeder Sail area: 15m² upwind + 13.94m² for the asymmetric spinnaker Length : 4,52 meters Width : 2 meters

Delivered with the DVD masterclass " Smart RS400 " by Mark Rushall

"The boat is slim at the helm and provides a pleasant sensation of speed, provided that the crew takes up abseiling to compensate for the absence of a trapeze. Sporty yet affordable, the RS 400 has no equivalent in the trapeze-less dinghy market that is so well developed in England." Read more here : Breizhskiff website

"A modern classic from the start, the RS400 launched RS and built the reputation of the yard. She is fast, well rigged, beautifully built and attracts great sailors. This class of double-handed sailors with a gennaker is as popular today as it was when it all began. The powerful equipment and high-volume hull suit medium to heavy teams." Read more here: RS Sailing website

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